McClintock has Failed to Stand Up for Our Troops, Veterans and Their Families

McClintock on Veteran’s Issues:

“Tom McClintock’s complete and utter disregard for our veterans and active duty troops was so shocking that we had no choice but to oppose his election to Congress…”

Veterans Press, May 23, 2008

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Tom McClintock has never hesitated to stand in front of our flag or our troops for a photo op.

But he has failed to stand behind our service members, their families, and our veterans when it mattered most.

  • Before his first election to office, McClintock penned a column in which he said “the all volunteer military has been a dismal failure,” lamented “a disconcerting decrease in the intelligence” of military recruits, and compared military or civilian service in defense of our country to “slavery.”1
  • As a State Legislator, he voted against measures to protect military widows2, families of active duty soldiers deployed to overseas battlefields,3 and state employees called up to active duty4 from financial hardship.  He also voted against a law supporting the California’s National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction and Civil Support Teams5, opposed legislation to minimize the economic impact of military base closures6 and opposed measures to fund state Veterans Homes7.
  • Since his election to Congress, McClintock has continued to fail our troops and their families—voting against funding our military8 and against pay raises for our troops.9  He voted against healthcare for 9/11 first responders three times10, voted for a budget that left our VA underfunded by more than a billion dollars11, and opposed proposals to increase funding for veterans’ medical12, mental health and military sexual assault prevention services13.
  • Perhaps most troubling of all has been McClintock’s failure to stand up to attacks on America’s military and security professionals.  McClintock supported his party bosses when they illegally diverted billions of dollars from our troops14 and millions from the California National Guard’s efforts to fight wildfires.15 He said nothing when they publicly attacked gold star families and decorated war heroes like the late Senator John McCain.  He defended his party bosses when they sided with Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin over U.S. Intelligence services16, and later demanded criminal prosecution of the American security professionals who uncovered a Russian government scheme to attack our elections17.
  • Most recently, when McClintock learned of credible reports that Russia was arming and paying terrorists in Afghanistan to kill US troops18, he failed to stand up for American soldiers19.

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