McClintock Opposes Relief for our District and Works to Undermine Recovery

McClintock on COVID 19:

“I consider masks much more effective at spreading panic and much less effective at stopping a virus.”

—June 27, 2020

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Since the onset of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Tom McClintock has regularly attacked public health measures, opposed bi-partisan efforts to defeat the virus and help communities recover, and has actively undermined efforts to safely re-open businesses and schools.

  • California’s first COVID death occurred across the street from McClintock’s Placer County district office. Yet he was the only California Congressman—in either party—to oppose the bi-partisan Families First Coronavirus Relief package to scale up testing, support frontline health workers and protect medically vulnerable populations1. Instead, he said his own constituents were out to “game the system2
  • McClintock has gone on to oppose additional relief measures to help businesses and schools safely re-open and to support the hardest hit workers and communities3. At the same time, he has opposed Congressional oversight of COVID 19 related federal spending4, while advocating taxpayer funded bailouts for wealthy special interests that contribute to his political campaigns5.
  • As the worsening pandemic has shuttered thousands of businesses, displaced 40 million workers and taken almost 200,000 American lives, McClintock has repeatedly sought to downplay its severity6, refused to wear a mask to protect others7, and has publicly urged people to defy public health measures8 designed to contain the spread of the disease—calling them “self-destructive folly9” and “profoundly un-American10.”
  • Long before the onset of COVID 19, Tom McClintock strongly supported efforts to leave our nation unguarded and under-prepared for the kind of public health crisis we face today. In addition to voting repeatedly to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, he supported plans to slash the CDC’s budget for responding to “infectious diseases and other public health threats11” by over a billion dollars each year.

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Tom McClintock opposes COVID relief