Cost Benefit Analysis



What He Gets:

McClintock has already received almost $4 million in taxpayer funded pay and perks, and will continue to get paid via three government pensions after he leaves office.

  • To date, Tom McClintock has received more than $2 million in taxpayer funded Congressional Salary (2008-2020)1.
  • From 2008-2019, McClintock received more than $109,000 from two, taxpayer funded pensions, alongside his Congressional salary2.
  • After he leaves Congress, McClintock will pick up a third taxpayer-funded pension3.
  • McClintock received more than $1,658,609.25 in taxpayer-funded salary and per diem while in the California Legislature (1983-2008).

*McClintock has also received tens of thousands of dollars in special interest funded travel perks as a Member of Congress4 , and received at least $20,000 worth of “gifts” plus another $4500 in Honoraria5 as a State Legislator.

What We Get:

McClintock is independently rated as the fifth most partisan member of Congress6, and has been one of the least effective.

  • Just four McClintock-authored bills in Congress have become law. Two renamed post offices and one named a mountain7.
  • McClintock has lived in Elk Grove California since at least 1999, which means he has refused to live in any of the districts he was elected to represent for more than 20 years8.
  • Between 1997 and 2002, 77% of the 81 bills McClintock authored in the State Legislature never came to a committee or floor vote9.
  • In 1998 and 2000, McClintock was one of a handful of legislators labeled most “Obstructionist” by California Journal10.
  • In 1992, California Journal rated Assembly Member Tom McClintock 72nd out of 80 in Effectiveness, and 74th out of 80 in Problem Solving11.
  • In 1990, Assembly Member Tom McClintock was rated 51st out of 79 in Effectiveness, and 75th out of 79 on Flexibility12.

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