40 Years

of Partisan Dysfunction
at Taxpayer Expense

“(Tom McClintock) was always the first to criticize,
but the last to help the team.”

—Former California Governor Pete Wilson, 5/23/08

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Rep. Tom McClintock has never held a job outside of politics, running for elected office a staggering 21 times since 1982. While he’s voted repeatedly to raise his own pay and received millions of dollars in taxpayer funded salary, per diems and government pensions, he’s passed almost no legislation of consequence and is rated the fifth MOST partisan member of the United States House of Representatives.

As our community and our nation struggle in the face of a deadly pandemic, a deep recession and growing threats around the world, we need leaders who are focused on solutions.

Tom McClintock is a big part of the problem.

Tom McClintock opposes relief for COVID


“This disease is not nearly as virulent as we were originally told and I think it’s reached a point where it’s run its course.”

Tom McClintock has failed our seniors by opposing social security and medicare


“If Social Security is allowed to continue…many innocent people are going to suffer.”

Tom McClintock has failed our veterans and their families


"Tom McClintock’s complete and utter disregard for our veterans and active duty troops was so shocking"
- Veterans Press, May 23, 2008

Tom McClintock wants to take away your healthcare

Health care

Tom McClintock voted over 60 times to take healthcare away from his constituents.”

Tom McClintock isn't worth the cost to taxpayers

cost-benefit analysis

McClintock has gotten $4 million from taxpayers, and has accomplished almost nothing in return.